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Location Lead Program

Details below on how to get started!

Our Process for Location Leads

Dear Vendor, please read this short note explaining how our location sales work.

NOTE: These location leads were not solicited. The location contacted us to find them a vendor...
So, these are serious leads that turn into great locations.
We are not a locating company. We sell vending machines.

If you received an email of a location in your area needing a vendor, the first step in evaluating and / or acquiring that account is to understand the process.

  • You Have Nothing to Lose!  We are not a locating company. You do not pay us unless you first meet with the location, and both you and the location agree that you / your company will service their account. If you meet with the location and do not agree on the prices, products, etc..., then just let us know that you Have Passed on the account so that we can have another vendor meet with the location.
  • After you review & sign the Location Lead Agreement, which we will email to you for your online review and E-signature, you will become eligible to receive the location contact info.  Only two or three eligible vendors receive the contact info at a time; and others will be in line. Once, we provide the location's contact info to you, You must call the location promptly: within 2 business days.  You should schedule an appointment to view the location and discuss your service with the decision maker of that company.
  • Keep us informed. As soon as you speak to the location, let us know when you plan to meet with them. If we do not hear from you within 3 business days, the location contact details will be provided to the next vendor in your area that returned the Agreement. Locations do Not want to wait; we must know the status of your actions ASAP or we will find another vendor to take the account.  If you speak or meet with a location but do not keep us informed, we will assume that no action has been taken; so another vendor will be dispatched.
  • After you meet with them, let us know your plans to accept or reject the location.  We do keep in touch with the locations throughout the process, but it is much more professional for you to relay the details to us rather than the location having to handle this for you.
  • If you agree to Accept the account and the location agrees, let us know ASAP so that we do not dispatch additional operators to that lead. At that time, we will complete the sale and charge to your credit card.  If you decide to Pass on the account, simply let us know and you will not be charged.
  • You are not charged unless you decide to accept the location. 

Terms & Conditions are below...



Now! To get that location...

  1. You have already received an email letting you know about a new location.
  2. In that email is a link that you must click to request the Location Lead Agreement
  3. Immediately after clicking that link, you will receive another email with a link to the Agreement.
  4. Click that link so that you can view the Agreement and sign it online. (it only requires the last 5 digits of your credit card)
  5. Watch your email for the location contact info OR notification that you are in line.
  6. Keep us informed of these events...

       a.  When you plan the first meeting with location
       b.  Your decision to Accept or Pass the location
       c.  The date you plan to move in

   TIP - get on our Priority Notice List

That's It!  Click that link in your email now to get started.




If you still have questions or need additional information,
see our FAQ section way down below...


The Value of this Service

We provide a great value to our vendors with this service:

  • You have nothing to lose
  • You pay much less than a location company would charge
  • Unlike a location company, we allow you to visit the location BEFORE you BUY
  • Most of our locations are much larger than a locating company will find you
  • We discount the location fee even more if you purchase machines for it from us

You only pay IF you take the account AFTER meeting with the location.



Leads Policy:
Broker is not a location agency. Broker does not solicit locations for leads. All leads become available only as Locations contact us to help them find a Vending Service, herein called Vendor. Broker is not for hire to find other Locations and only provides those which have solicited the referral services of Broker. When Location Leads are available, Vendors are notified, starting with those on the Priority Notice List, but only Vendors who return the Location Leads Agreement are eligible to receive the Location contact information. Of those, only a few Vendors at a time will receive the contact info. If a Vendor decides to pass on an account, the Location contact info is then forwarded to the next eligible Vendor in line. If Vendor does not keep Broker informed of decisions and appointments, Vendor may be removed from eligibility and replaced with the next eligible.

Vendor's payment is due once they have come to an agreement with Location to provide their Vending Service. So, Vendor has the opportunity to meet with Location, determine feasibility, and negotiate service terms before deciding to purchase.
If Vendor decides to Pass and not accept Location, Vendor must call or email Broker ASAP so that another Vendor can attempt.
Broker reserves the right to deny eligibility to any Vendor for any reason. Broker reserves right to cancel negotiations or opportunity for a Location before payment and before installation for any reason including, but not limited to, failure to keep Broker informed throughout process, inappropriate behavior, lack of professionalism toward Broker or Location, lack of communication with Broker or Location, etc...

Sales Policy:
It is Vendor's responsibility to make arrangements with Location and agreements regarding installation, ongoing service & commissions paid to the location if applicable. Other than the purchase price, no other payment is due to Broker for this account unless additional machines are installed within 90 days. This purchase price may change if the one of the Special Considerations apply. Broker shall not be held responsible for delays beyond its control or indirect costs due to such delays. There are no guarantees as to how long Location will allow Vendor's services. It is Vendor's responsibility to provide a service level & the quality of equipment necessary to sustain a good relationship with Location. Once Vendor accepts a Location and installs equipment, there are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES. Checks returned NSF are subject to an additional $25 charge.

To make it easier on Vendor, Broker offers a discount on Location fee if machines for said Location are purchased from Broker & installed at this Location. Broker websites include 4MEGA-Vending.com, USEDvending.com, & VendingTips.com.

Company Relations:
Vendor agrees that this is not a franchise offering and that he/she is an independent party in no relation to Broker other than as a retail customer in this sale. Also, no statements, promises or inducements made by any persons associated with Broker shall be binding or valid except for those in this Agreement. It is understood that no guarantees have been made with regard to Vendor's potential profits now or in the future. This Agreement is binding and enforceable only when signed and accepted by Broker at its home office. If Broker fails to approve this Purchase Agreement, all funds shall be returned to Vendor and mailed within ten working days. Vendor hereby agrees that he/she has no right or remedy against Broker including, but not limited to, claims for injury to person or property or any other consequential, economic or incidental loss arising out of or related in any way to any lead or purchase.

Purchaser agrees that this agreement has been read, fully understood and hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the same. In the event of a dispute arising out of this agreement, venue for any action shall lie solely in the courts of Pearl River County, MS and the prevailing party shall be entitled to its reasonable attorneys' fees at trial and on any appeal.

End Terms & Conditions



Customer Testimonials...

Kara, I just want to thank you personally as well as your company's 4Mega website. I just got into the snack-beverage vending business this past October and as you may or may not know its hard to find honest advice in this  vending business. I signed up on your website to be notified when a vending location is available and I am very pleased with the recent location you e-mailed me about. You made the process so simple. The office manager  at this location was actually waiting for my call. Its been a dream come true! The largest location I had before had 8 f/t employees this location has over 35 f/t employees who seem to be very nice folks. I paid my prior location company alot more money for other smaller locations. You also made me feel very comfortable . You were very easy to reach by phone and very informative about the location process. I never felt pressured to take the location .I just want to let you know that I want to expand my business and look forward  to doing alot more further business with you and your company. We need to also talk also about coffee machines with this cold weather alot of my locations having been asking me about that. Thanks again and I am sure I will be talking to you shortly.

Thanks Again,
Michael J Wood -SunRise Vending

Hi Kara --
Just got back after meeting with Janell at Campusma.  Their location is exactly the kind of situation we are looking for and we are able to provide the exact kind of service they are looking for.  She made the decision to go with us and I told her I would inform you of her decision and that we would move forward with getting the machines we need and get prepared to install them in approximately 2 weeks -- when the other vendor removes his machines.  We will be putting in 2 soda machines outside, and one snack machine inside, as previously discussed.

Thank you very much for helping us make the connection!!  Please let us know what the next step is.

Hi Kara,

 Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated working with you and your company for a location for one of my combo machines.

 After being "fleeced" by a so called professional vending location service in the recent past, I was leary of using any locators again. You guys are the exact opposite of the other "professionals" who were anything but professional! I am a very small business operator that recently got my business up and running and even though it's a small business, I take great pride in it. It appears that your company takes pride in doing thing in a truly professional manor also.

 I would not hesitate to use your services again. The location I recently acquired with your help is actually turning out to be one of my better locations. Thanks again!

Sincerely, Kim Rasmussen w/ Colorado Vending LLC.

View More Testimonials...




Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I get first access to locations by being on the Priority Notice List?
Usually, you can get on this list after showing us that you are honest and professional.
Here are the things we look for:
            - Cooperation throughout the process
            - Professionalism & timeliness
            - Impression made on the location
            - Keeping us updated on status (even if you decline it)
            - Prompt payment
If you do well on these areas through a couple of transactions, you will be eligible to be on the short list for PRIORITY NOTICE!
We reserve the right to refuse this preference from anyone for any reason. Mainly withheld from rude people.

Why do you need the last 5 digits of my credit card before sending me the agreement?
The location agreement will Not ask for your credit card number, but we do need to include only the last 5 digits of your credit card number on the agreement as another way to prove you are the cardholder.

What happens after I sign the online Location Lead Agreement?
You will receive an email from us either providing the location contact information or stating that you are in line to receive the location contact info. Only 2 or 3 vendors are normally allowed to call a location at a time.  So, the first 2 or 3 to sign the online agreement are given the contact info, and the rest are placed in line to receive those details should another operator not meet the needs of the location or decide to Pass on the account.  The order of the line is based on the date and times of the E-signatures on the agreements.

Are there any guarantees on location income?
No. This is why we allow you to meet with the location before making a decision. You should gather any information needed when you meet with the location, view their current machines or break area, etc...  to make the business decision of accepting a location.

What about refunds?
The only case in which refunds may apply are if a location has chosen you as their vendor, but then the location changes their decision DUE TO NO FAULT OF YOURS after you have made payment and before you install.  For example, if a location decides against you because you never showed on the planned install date, the lead has been wasted because of your actions - No Refund would apply.

How much are the fees?
The fees will vary with each location, but those details will be included in the initial email making you aware of the number and type of machines needed.  However, they are considerably less than a locator would charge; plus, unlike a locator, we allow you to meet the location before making a decision.

Can I hire you to find 10 locations for me?
Actually, we don't go out to find locations in any one area. We advertise and let them find us when they are looking for a vending service.  So, our leads do not normally come in groups from one area at a time.  So, no, we do not accept locating jobs.

Do you get leads for bulk candy or medical machines?
We do, but not nearly as many as we do for snack and soda machines.

Is a combo machine counted as 1 machine or as 2 separate machines?
A combo is counted as 1 machine, but you can only use a combo if it is adequate for a location. In other words, don't try to use a combo in a location of 100 employees.

If a location is requesting machines that are just unreasonable, such as a cold food machine for 25 employees, should I even consider taking that account?
Keep in mind, when a location fills out the form requesting service, the person making the request may not be the decision maker and may just pick everything that sounds nice without first considering what is reasonable or how feasible this is for a vendor.  So, don't disregard requests such as this because often, when you meet with them and explain what all is involved and the food waste that would occur, they will come back to reality and do what you suggest.

What is the best way to close on a location lead?
Anyone can provide a vending service; so what are they really looking for in you... Confidence.  Ultimately, they simply want to feel assured that you know what you are doing and handle your business in a professional manner - not as a hobby that may change.   Usually, they have experienced poor vending service in the past and are evaluating you on everything from your business cards to your attitude. Be Professional!  Speaking of business cards, get your full color vending designed business cards here :-)


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